प्रधानमंत्री जी! Covid-19 मै हमारे पैसे बचाने के लिए मदद करे!



I strongly agree with this as it may solve many problems and will help us to fight with Corona

Arpita Baldi (Neemuch , 2020-03-21)


Each And Every Suggestions given in this petition is worth thinking of.

Dhairya Bheda (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I am also paying emi and staying on rent. And due to coronavirus and isolation things my business is closed due to which it is very difficult for my to carry on my day to day expense which is basic like milk vegetables and grain please would reuwest you to extent the emi dates

Shivani Thosani (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I'm signing this petition because it's a great initiative.

Vaishnavi Maniyar (Navi Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I am singing it because, this will save us from the penalties and bounce charges , as all the company wont provide salary , even though government will pass a rule, hence the said concession will be given at least we can save our self from the penalty. and aprt from this if government can help the people who runs their home by earning a daily wages, request you to make a facility of foods to survive till we can fight with corona virus.



I'm signing because I am a middle class man and I am paying home loans

Vishnu Oza (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I hope PM looks into this as many people are facing difficulties now.

Ketan Naik (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Situation demands this type of action from responsible government

Yogesh pokar (Gandhinagar , 2020-03-21)


I fully agree with the concern narrated by Pragnesh and Govt shld act immediately.

Gopal Uvhil (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Request banks and financial institutions to postpone collection by one month.

Hryday Chheda (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I'm signing this petition because there is an extreme need for this to happen as there is a halt in the functioning of businesses due to the spread of coronavirus and the above mentioned is a problem for fixed and daily wage earners.

Niharika Taparia (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I have moved out of my job a few months back to start my own food business. Even after holding liabilities of EMIs and other bills I managed to start off my business investment all my funds into it. We launched our business on 11th March and since then we are unable to turn any customers due to unavailability of staff at Government ofcs to clear our licences, unavailability of staff and now the lock down in the city.
I have regularly paid my taxes on time and I belive that the government will do atleast this much for people like us.

Dipesh Mistry (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Am an entrepreneur and need to understand that how will I honour your request for not to cut salaries of my employees in this pandemic situation where all other fixed costs will come in a regular ways.

Umang Padhiar (Mumbai , 2020-03-21)


I think this help working class

Ritu Jasani (Ahmedabad , 2020-03-21)


Akanksha Thakur

Akankshasm SINGH (Noida, 2020-03-21)


I know what the middle class suffers and value of the money.

Krutarth Doshi (Wankaner, 2020-03-21)


Economy will be affected to some extinct by postponing the due dates as the circulation of cash in it will be delayed but this is a necessary step to manage the finances which the respective authority can take.

Ronak Nahar (Ahmedabad, 2020-03-21)


I too feel it the same should be applied as every middle class person is been disturbed by this thing and the source of income has been paused.

Shivang Vora (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)



Rakhi Dubey (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


The matter is fairly true

Nivetha Sheth (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Not everyone will be able to sustain this economic loss soon. We are just requesting for delay.

Raj Zaveri (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I am supporting the petition😊

Anjali Kandu (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


It will serve the needy ones.....Great initiative sir

Aniket Sahu (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


I strongly agree. Because in the times of Crises , we need to focus on combatting rather than filing of Records. People's priority should be fulfill their need for essential and such an extension will provide a great sort of relief and their burden for paying installments since most of the businesses have stopped

Alisha Surani (Ahmedabad , 2020-03-21)


Because it would provide middle class families and entrepreneur some relief from financial crisis they will face after this pandemic.

Jyoti Dubey (Bhandup west, Mumbai., 2020-03-21)


I'm singing because I'm also belongs to middle class family I'm the one who feeding members of 4 in my family and I also have home loan please atlist for 1.month stop collecting home loan and electricity bills because it's really terrific situation for us

Manohar Rathore (Kalher thane, 2020-03-21)


Tax Bharne ke liye Paise nahi hay.

Paras Bhanushali (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


signing because this makes sense. the businesses are what gives jobs and we need to support those on daily sustenance impacted by the virus

Vijay H (Panvel, 2020-03-21)


I am Indian Citizen country, I loved my Indian Pepole and support all india for corna virus so all join us with janta corna virus Tomorrow At date .22/03/2020. Sunday, At 5.00pm All we Stay At Our Home ,At Balconly and play bang make nosie loudly Rajesh chavda

Rajesh Chavda (Andheri East Mumbai, 2020-03-21)



Sachin Angolkar (Virar, 2020-03-21)


I believe in PM

Nidhi Nagori (Bangalore, 2020-03-21)


I feel it is correct and people won't suffer with their EMI, electric bills.. specially for the people who are daily wage earner

Shritee Ash (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Please postponed every bill n charges.. Humble request to pm modi

Venessa Ambrose (Mumbai , 2020-03-21)


I am signing this petition because what is written in petition is True & I agreed for the same.

Shanti Kothari (Mumbai , 2020-03-21)


I am signing this because I find this very impossible im current situation

Prajakta Saxena (AURANGABAD , 2020-03-21)


I support the government.

Parul Somani (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


It is the right thing to do in this situation.

Ajinkya Gupte (Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Believe it's need for needy

Hitesh Menaria ( Udaipur, 2020-03-21)


There are many jobs or bussines at lock down stage now, many families are suffering. So as to balance the condition, government suold just postpone the due date of payments.

Arjun Raja (Rajkot, 2020-03-21)


For reduce any charges and loan penalty

Sanjay Dabi (Vasai - Mumbai, Virar - Mumbai, 2020-03-21)


Help us save our funds!!

Deepak Jain (Mumbai , 2020-03-21)


I IAM facing some problem regarding to the financial issue🙂

Durgesh Kamti (Mumbai, 2020-03-22)

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