प्रधानमंत्री जी! Covid-19 मै हमारे पैसे बचाने के लिए मदद करे!



I support it.

Tanisha Jindal (Jaipur , 2020-03-19)


It seems necessary to do this to avoid undue hardships

Jay Shah (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


I care

Shyamal Patel (Valsad , 2020-03-19)


C A Kanabar

Chhotalal Kanabar (Vapi, 2020-03-19)


I agrre with the petition.

Harsh Dhanuka (Thane, 2020-03-19)


For the daily earners

CA Bhavin Rughani (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


I believe in this

Pragnesh Kanabar (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


It's would genuinely help people.

Jay Raichura (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


I believe it's necessary for daily wagers and lower middle class people who early daily, save and live. This will be a huge relief to them.

Bansi Vasant (Rajkot, 2020-03-19)


I have belief that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji supports any positive thought about the economy and global situations.

Ajay Mashru (Navi Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


The cause is actually worth signed.

Rozario John (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


This is global issue.

Shraddha Sakpal (Mumbai, 2020-03-19)


I am signing because It is really hard for those people.

Bishnu Dahal (Bangalore, 2020-03-20)


C/19 as break fincial codition

Parag Nirmal (Mumbai , 2020-03-20)


Me being a proud citizen of our country, wants to be of help to the nation as much as possible. I also work as an accountant and I, myself think that the requests in this petition should be granted.

Preeti Bhosale (Thane, 2020-03-20)


It is a very great initiative and unless such a step is taken there will be a credit trap for many middle class families. This will ensure smooth flow of money for the middle class. As soon as income resumes they can payout the bills. All of us can collectively handle it, only if we stay united.

Smeet Doshi (MUMBAI, 2020-03-20)


Its the right thing

Maulik Chandan (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)


according to me. It'll help the middle class professionals and employees too great extent
And also reduce there burden
Thank you

Vivek Bikkannavar (Bengaluru, 2020-03-20)


I am supporting this because it is the need of the hour

Khushbu Jasani (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)


In public interest

Priyanka Parekh (Mumbai , 2020-03-20)


I m agree with this.

Nikheel Patel (Ahmedabad, 2020-03-20)


I belong to middle class group.. and I empathize all the people and I am a responsible citizen who is worried for its economy, growth and safety of its citizen.. and I know Our PM will support us in every possible manner

Mamta Parera (Valsad, 2020-03-20)


I feel this will give some relaxation

Mahesh Anadkat (Vapi, 2020-03-20)



CA Dhwani Mankad (Rajkot, 2020-03-20)


Its Helpfully for Middle class & Lower Middle class people

Dhairya Gokani (Umbergaon , 2020-03-20)


I think above points are needful for current situation. If gov. Think on this petition panic in middle class family may reduce

Saurabh Thakkar (Surat, 2020-03-20)


I believe it to be fair to all parties involved. No waivers so that the financial institutions are also protected. And the people's issue is resolved.

Ayush Rungta (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)


I m entrepreneur myself of not supported currently our daily buisness which has come to stand still due to Maharashtra shut till 31st March , i will have no space to live. Reqt to consider our condition as business man

Dharra Manek (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)


It would be very hard to comply the year end deadline as there will be no income from 21st March onwards,so please take the matter positively and help us by excepting the above mentioned steps.

Rajesh Maru (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)


I'm signing it because it will help to middle class people and workers.

Utsav Majithia (Mumbai, 2020-03-20)

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