Clean up Bellandur Lake and Ease Traffic Congestion



I am affected by the toxic air and water surrounding Bellandur lake, and the traffic congestion due to incomplete roadworks.

Kapil Rangan (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


I find this issue to be of utmost importance which needs to be resolved and looked at immediately.

Vyshak Shankar (Banglore, 2023-07-12)


I am concerned about the pollutants in the lake and the health hazard to people. Also the BBMP needs to maange the surroundings better

Priya Rathod (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


Traffic on this road is pathetic and the Bellandur lake gas emission will ruin the health of people

Gayathri Shenoy (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


First hand experience. Many movies, dinners and family time lost to traffic hold ups; and the pain continues.

Amritha M (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I have been travelling through this route every single day since last 10 years.It’s very disheartening to see the condition of the lake.This is what humans have done to nature.Of course we are bothered because of the traffic issues.But we should make this lake live again,that should be our first purpose

Shweta Singhai (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


the bellandur lake bridge is a nerve link between Yemalur and ORR. It needs to be fixed and broadened to save houses from being flooded and ease movement of traffic.

Harish Vasudevan (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I am very much inconvenienced yo go thru this belandur bridge, polluted areas.

KC Iyer (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


Every day during peak hours same issue traffic jam almost 4-5 years facing this problem
from Prestige Kew Gardens

Ameer Ulla (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I urge the government to clean up and depollute the lake, and build safe roads around it before the monsoon causes flooding and loss to life.

Prashanth Manjunath (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I live in Yemalur. the traffic is a daily struggle and strong smell from the lake is definitely a serious health hazard for my family

Ruchi Agarwal (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


It is an urgent need

Aditi Krishnamurthy (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


This roads needs attention as the users have increased immensely and there is no maintenance at all.

Narasimha Naik (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


This is really important

Mouhit Bhutani (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


The authorities should open their eyes and do their damn jobs. It is pathetic that a petition is required for these clowns to take responsibility and earn their damn salary which is paid for by the tax payer.

Anand Nair (Bangalire, 2023-07-12)


I support the concern highlighted in the petition.

Keitaki Agarwal (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


Pollution of lakes has been a serious health and environmental concern for many years. Immediate action is required to avert any catastrophe.

Aditi C (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


I stay close to the lake and am suffering due to it everyday

Sandhya Nair (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I live around the vicinity

Lydia Paul (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


Everyday we are facing issues for this polluted lake and the narrow roads. It's so difficult to reach office on time because of traffic congestion on this road.

Ananda Prava Dash (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I'm signing because I support the cleaning up of Bellandur Lake

Ajay K (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


pratap bhattacharjee

Pratap Bhattacharjee (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


I want road decongestion and decrease health hazards.

Dr Rinku Das (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


Resident of yemalur

Sreekanth Sivasankaran (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


Need serious attention to please please decongest the entire Bellandur bridge corridor and ease traffic and waste management in a much better way!!

Macqueline Fernandez (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


Divya. S

Divya S (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


We need a safer and pollution free surrounding.

Roopa A (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


Need access to bellandur from Yemlur

Santosh Kale (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I stay in the same area and have seen the issues with the lake and the bridge over the years. This is a huge health hazard and is being ignored. We urgently need a permanent solution to the pollution in the lake and also complete the half done road/bridge construction.

Indraneel Mukherjee (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


It's creating a mess for people travelling on that route and for people staying in nearby areas

Aishwarya Rai (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I need a clean environment.

Sukanya Shinde (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


The traffic on this stretch is getting worse. The lake is unhealthy and stinks the neighbourhood

Pratik M (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


GOVT. APATHY TO DEVELOPMENT IS UNMATCHED. Rs 52000Crore worth FREEBIES, but BUDGET for development--- BELANDUR AREA AND CONNECTING ROAD is Zilch. NUMEROUS TAX PAYING CITIZENS working for a LIVING are put to severe hardship EVERYDAY. This will not get any priority attention from the GOVT. INDIA WILL NOT DEVELOP THROUGH FREEBIES. Only the hard working, tax paying citizens who work for a living will develop India with no support from the GOVT.

GNANANDRANATH PAWAR (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I would like to get rid of health hazards and ease traffic congestion

Rajnish Ranjan (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


Bellandur lake smell issue is a very important health issue impacting so many in the locality. After DCM visit we expected some positive development. But it turned out to be otherway around

Kannan R (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I am signing because it is a nightmare living closer to bellandur area and wading across the bellandur bridge — there is a huge jam always and I always get late for office

Balaprasad Saketharaman (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


Its a traffic nighmare and most polluted lake

Sandeep Kumar (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


Because the pollution and traffic caused by this lake is nightmare to the humankind and this nation’s image at global level. Believe me or not, it catches fire on it’s own which is not neglected to western media and scholars.

KUSHAL MISHRA (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


This is a very valid request and should have been done even before public raises such things

Bhavana Rao (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


To sort out the issue

Shweta sharma (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


This lake has very hazardous impact upon the surrounding locations..need to clean and take immediate actions required

Sneha Patil (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


Daily commute via this route has become extremely painful

Sudipta Chatterjee (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I live near the area, after paying so much tax that area is still not livable due to dying Bellandur lake

Amardeep Singh (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


It very difficult to commute and also living condition is bad,not able to plan,work life balance is disturbed badly

Rahul Prakash Mishra (BANGALORE, 2023-07-12)


I m a bellandur citizen

Sravya Prabhakaran (Bellandur , 2023-07-12)


I can relate to author's petition.

Mandar Deshpande (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


I want to have a healthy and a safe environment around to live in

Deepa Chandrasekhar (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


Very bad sewage smell everyday. This is harmful for health of residents living around.
Suffocation is experienced due to methane gas released in air. Water starts foaming. Lots of mosquitoes causing health issues.
Also in rains the area gets flooded badly. The sewage water runs on roads and nearby houses. Please clean this lake.

Raksha K (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I believe that the lake is a potential health hazard

Bhargavi Pawar (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


I use the road everyday to commute and am among the many who face the night mare

Nandini Nelivigi (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I'm signing this because I'm a Bangaloren who uses the roads to commute!

Sathya Prasad (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I want a clean environment

Roopa Nair (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


This is much needed and we need to reclaim the lake

Prasad Shetty (Bengaluru , 2023-07-12)


We need cleaner lake and better roads

Mini Rajkumar (Bangalore , 2023-07-12)


I support decongestion of roads and cleaning of the lake and prevent flooding.

Leeni Mehta (Bengaluru, 2023-07-12)


Too much traffic jam everyday

Santosh N (Bangalore, 2023-07-12)


Bengaluru has to endure a clean and a modern city. This part is dirty. Need to clean up!

Dr Bala Kumble (Patterson Lakes, 2023-07-12)


I care for bangalore

Kamlesh SOLANKI (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)


This is a problem that should be addressed urgently.A environmental,health,social, civic problem ,to name a few.

Lakshmi Nair (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


It is nightmare to travel in this road.

Navinchandra Navinchandra Hegde (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


It's been quite a while since the lake has been ignored

Harini Deepak (Bengaluru , 2023-07-13)


I believe in this cause. Bangalore needs its beautiful and clean lakes again

Geethanjali Barman (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


I want clean sorrounding around my house.

Sulagna Jee (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


I live in this area and the condition of Bellandur lake affects my day today life.

Madhukar Ranganath (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


Bellandur and Yemalur have become infamous and people are troubled on day to day basis. With political commitment we can change this image

Venkatesh Gupta K V (Banglore, 2023-07-13)


Halted Bridge work is affecting our daily commute. Overly concerned about the health hazard caused by bellandur lake

Shwetha Nayak (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)


I’m a tax paying citizen and a hardcore Bangalorean .. I want my city to be the best in all aspects. This is something that needs to be fixed even without the petition.

Lavina Shetty (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)


I have a flat near Bellandur and residents face severe inconveniences which at times become inhuman. I can see bengaluru dying in front of me by slow poison.

Avinash Prakash (Bengaluru , 2023-07-13)


Impacted heavily

Seema Sharma (Bengaluru , 2023-07-13)


Make our environment ckean

Jyoti Sahu (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


Bellandur lake is very pathetic. Definitely requires clean up and avoid drainage water to lake

Shivaprasad H S (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


I live in Bellandhur and it's very difficult to commute every day.

Rohith Mk (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


I truly believe something needs to be done drastically to save the lake and the surrounding areas.

S Venkat (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)


I use this road daily and its a nightmare, especially more so now. Roads are deteriorated, dug up everywhere and now a new Prestige office complex near the lakeside will start which will make the tiny roads even more unbearable

Karthik M (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


To save our lakes and environment

rohini nagpure (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


I need fresh air surrounding me

Rohin Mathur (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


I drive through the road every single day work. And its a horrible experience. Never able to reach for my meetings in time. And spending so much time on road.

Parul Agarwal (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


This is a huge problem for the residents of yamalur and causes traffic jams

Shailesh Samudrala (Bengaluru , 2023-07-13)


Huge inconvenience

Rohit Basuri (Bengaluru , 2023-07-13)


I'm signing it because it is impacting my day to day life and my right to have clean environment and good road

Reshu Saha (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


this affects me on a daily basis and can be solved easily

Avinash Singh (Bangalore, 2023-07-13)


I am fed up of Bellandur traffic

Sandhya Dev (Bangalore , 2023-07-13)


I believe in the cause ..

Shalini Butola (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)



Aviral Kulshrestha (Bengaluru, 2023-07-13)

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