प्रधानमंत्री जी! Covid-19 मै हमारे पैसे बचाने के लिए मदद करे!



I am signing because it's very necessary for everyone in this condition
Many time government never change there policy if people are in difficult
Even in flood at Chennai at 2015 government has never support it

Praveen Kumar (Chennai, 2020-03-23)


It's a good initiative towards middle class people

Muskan Jain (Bangalore , 2020-03-23)


I support this petition

Ammar Kardar (Ahmedabad , 2020-03-23)


As in out country lots of people are facing financial issues and now a days most of people are at home so it's definitely that effect on their financial and it's request to our respective prime minister Sri Narendra Modi ji to give some credit period to everyone so they can maintain safety without any tension
Thank you

Pikesh Nirmala Jain (Hyderabad, 2020-03-23)


Because I'm concerned thay this debacle of household budgets will kickstart a chain-reaction which leave quite significant scars on the economy which will keep haunting us even in the long run.

Dharmin Kakkad (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


It is a very great initiative taken during this worldwide pandemic!!

Jeetu Bohra (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)



Vaibhav Kondalkar (Thane, 2020-03-23)


Nowdays there is worst situation i.e Corona virus facing by indian society.Due to corana virus our economy will be collapsed and all the work can be closed. Many of people stay at home and their is no earning for them.That reason middle class ,emplyee and wage earner won't be able to pay their EMI, Electicity and Govt tax on due date. Our request to govt to increase credit period 1 months.Therefore we are able to pay that all due.This pettion will be useful for us. Hopefully govt will understand our problem and take action immediately.

Mandar Gosavi (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


Humanity still exists and i want to contribute towards it.

Hardik Raja (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


I agree to the facts mentioned in the petitions and wish to support this drive.

Bhargav Walupante (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


As an Accountant.

Naveen Dattani (JAMNAGAR, 2020-03-23)


I am my mutual fund is in big loss

Harsh Mehta (Surat, 2020-03-23)


I really need such relief for one month.

Dakshesh Shah (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


I 'm singing and I agree with him .
Thanks you please share to this petitions and support.thank you

Prashant Vaghela (Ahmedabad, 2020-03-23)


I support

Nisha Joshi (Ahmedabad, 2020-03-23)


I support this Plan because its an Urgent Need because there is not enough time for 31st march Preparation .... I request GovermentFor this ..

Amit Pandey (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


It is necessary in this situation to relieve middle class people from mental stress

Nishchitha N (Bangalore, 2020-03-23)


I have home loan for which EMI is due on 10th Apr

Mayur Jethwa (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


Channakeshava d

Channa Dcp (Mandya, 2020-03-23)


Because My dad is entrepreneur

Balaji Guttal (Gadag, 2020-03-23)


Deepak s

Deepak Dalabhanjan (Bengaluru, 2020-03-23)


I believe this is a necessity for every working and tax paying Indian who abides by the norms of the country.

Nikhil Menon (Bangalore, 2020-03-23)


Because it is important for the government of India to understand. And it is being done across some part of the globe to protect their people.

Salman Bagwan (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)



Vivek Shidling (Gadag karnataka , 2020-03-23)


I totally support the steps taken by Govt to tackle Corona Virus, and as a responsible citizen I totally respect those initiatives

Sriraman K M (Bangalore, 2020-03-23)


There are Emi's and Tax obligations

Vivek Lohar (Thane, 2020-03-23)


Go Corona go

Mayur Rathod (Mumbai, 2020-03-23)


I am signing because my sister has debt on her shoulders and she is the only one who earns the bread for the family .I would request to please postponed the date if any crises happen. Hope so the government listen to our voices and would not cheat on the common people

Akshay Gharale (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


The author of the petition has spoke some key points relating to people who are of lower income groups & who rely on daily wages or monthly salary to cover all the dues hope this signature won't be wasted and will be considered against this problem

Kevin Shah (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


I'm signing this petition because I feel like we are privileged that we can sit at home and not think for the money for the food and other things, but not all are that privileged and the daily wage earners especially their life depends on the money they earn every day. So for them to fight this pandemic, a little help will be provided by this delay.

Punit Agrawal (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


I support the idea

Krishna Joshi (Mumbai , 2020-03-24)

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