प्रधानमंत्री जी! Covid-19 मै हमारे पैसे बचाने के लिए मदद करे!



I support.

Karan Rao (Bangalore Urban, 2020-03-24)



Sagar Waghela (MUMBAI, 2020-03-24)


I agree with the moral of petition.

Aishwarya Sharma (Yavatmal, 2020-03-24)


Fed up of paying loans salary in this economy
Too complicated bussiness
Only competition

Rahul Gogri (MUMBAi , 2020-03-24)


United we fight Corona Virus✌🏻

Vidhi Buddhadev (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


Everyone is in financial crises due to corana Virus...

Shivani Shah (Ahmedabad, 2020-03-24)


The petition seems reasonable enough considering the plight of middle class & lower sections of the society.

Omkar Patwardhan (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


Because I feel what he is asking from govt. Is absolutely correct due to lock down people(s) are suffering financially and will not be able to pay off the utility installments..

Shubham Mokani (Kalyan , 2020-03-24)





I may face financial crisis in repayment of my loans and other EMI outstanding.

Vaibhav Darji (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


I might face financial crisis in repaying my dues as i am daily earner from my small business.

Dhrumil Darji (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


I feel this is the need of hour and special support to fight against this epidemic financially as well.. otherwise majority of Indian population will struggle to meet their basic needs also from next months
This step will support them and all of you for servival

Karan Reliya (Vadodara, 2020-03-24)


We might face financial crisis and repayment of my EMI

Sanjay Darji (Mumbai, 2020-03-24)


Really it is very good suggestion. It will be helpful to the Indian Citizens to survive himself and their families in current situation and financial challenges. It is very critical need.

Pankaj Gatecha (Ahmedabad , 2020-03-24)


I am signing because delay in all type payment to central ; local ; government

Abhiskek Mehta (Mumbai , 2020-03-24)


I'm signing this petition because I am also a middle class family guy and can't pay my mobile phone's emi without earning. So i hope there will be extensions made so we can repay our loans or emis easily 🙏

Sourav C R (Chikmagalur , 2020-03-24)


The crisis happening in the country right now because of covid-19 by which the country is on lockdown and middle class people like me are facing Financial crisis.

Naren kamalia (Mumbai, 2020-03-25)


Because this is very important message for everyone and it must be forwarded to reach a proper authorise person

Chirag Thakkar (Kalyan, 2020-03-25)


It is important

Anand Thakur (Mumbai, 2020-03-25)


I am signing this because this is major issue which is not vibisle now but will shake the economy as the employees are going to face a problem to pay such dues.
And the initiative by CA Pragnesh can really be a help for the people as a whole.
So I request the PM of our country to take necessary steps for the same.

Meet Sindhwad (Mumbai, 2020-03-25)


Irfan Shaikh

Irfan Shaikh (Pune, 2020-03-25)


It is very much required because earning of everyone is stopped on account of lockdown, and if due dates of loans and EMI if not postpone then middle class will have to face critical fund issues.

Darshan Gatecha (Kodinar, 2020-03-26)


I'm signing this petition for raising fund

Bhoomi Jha (Mumbai, 2020-03-26)


My dad is self-employed because of the problem would be arise because there wouldn't working capital to run the business and funds for carrying out day to day expenses

Mit Haria (Mumbai , 2020-03-26)


Because it's difficult for the people who earn on daily basis and also all who are finding it difficult including myself.

Manthan Fuliya (Mumbai, 2020-03-26)


Bhaumik Ruparel

BHAUMIK Ruparel (Junagadh, 2020-03-27)


I,m signing because i,m not in a financial position to pay My emi,s my pan no.Gdpps2503n

Soheb Shah (Mumbai, 2020-03-30)


Need help for our finance loan

Thomas Dsouza (Mumbai, 2020-03-30)


Its human rights

Gaganpreet Singh (Jalandhar, 2020-05-30)


I m businessman i m also this situation facing those who peoples face

Harshal Kothawade (Jalgaon, 2020-06-22)

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